About Staging

Staging a home is different from decorating a home.


 Decorating is personalizing and is very specific to a homeowner’s style and taste. The purpose of home staging is to neutralize a home to appeal to as many unknown buyers as possible. Potential buyers need to visualize their belongings in your home. What we want to do is show your home’s full potential.  Staging costs should be considered an investment in your home and is less expensive than your first price reduction.  Think of your home as a product and like any product, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. You can easily achieve this by painting and updating décor in rooms such as kitchens, baths, and living areas. These changes can be the difference between your home selling quickly for top dollar, or sitting on the market for too long resulting in the first price reduction.  The best time to stage your home is before the listing photos are taken. Potential homeowners begin their search online. This is where they will get their first impression of your home. We want to portray your home with a clean, updated look.

How I Work

 We will work together as a team. I will do as little or as much as you want, and work within your budget and time frame.  I would begin with a Home Assessment and Consultation. This would include both inside and outside areas of your home. I will also take photos, make notes and prepare a report to share. It can include anything from de-cluttering, neutralizing décor and color, hanging wall art, making repairs and rearranging furniture. Your report will be my observations on what I feel would make your home show its full potential. Again, I will do as much or as little as you want.  Staging days depends on the number of rooms being staged and what type of staging needs to be done. The first step in staging process is to de-clutter your home. This means packing away personal photos, faith based items, sports memorabilia, etc. These items distract potential buyers from seeing your home. Redesigning a room means using your furniture and accessories to create a different look. I also have an inventory of my own that I will loan to you while the house is on the market. If I feel you may need to purchase items, a budget can be created for accessories and inexpensive pieces can transform the look of a room.  

Why Stage?

Why Stage

95% of ASP® Staged Homes sell on average in 11 days or less, and sell for 17% more.  Home staging is the best investment to get your home sold faster and for top dollar. This service will create a more appealing atmosphere and highlights your homes most sellable features.

What is ASP?

ASP® stands for Accredited Staging Professional. ASP® are people who have studied and learned the proven techniques of staging homes with two primary goals: Sell faster and for a higher price.

ASP® professionals have successfully attended and graduated from the ASP® course and passed the required examination on preparing homes for sale.

Top 10 Benefits of Home Staging

1. Faster Sales Times- reduce time on market

2.Best Sales Price

3.Professional Image- staged homes look better in print and internet advertising

4. Great Market Differentiator

5. Distinct Marketing Advantage over non-staged homes

6. Attract a broader range of buyers

7. Buyers view staged homes as well cared for properties

8. Building Inspectors view staged homes as well cared for properties

9. Appraisers more likely to appraise staged home at full value

10. Tax Advantage- staging may be tax deductible as a service done to prepare your home for sale

Common Misconceptions

Buyers are always looking for "move in ready", and do not want to take the time looking at a tired, cluttered home. These reasons below are common misconceptions when it comes to putting a house on the market:

-I don't want to spend any more money on this house

-If it doesn't sell, THEN I will consider staging it

-The house will sell, I don't need to do anything

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it is time and money for the buyers, and they want to see a home that is move in ready.